GSOC 2011 uv/weight paint/texpaint features

Hi everyone! My name is Riakiotakis Antonis (or Psy-Fi) and I will be a jack-of-all-paint-trades for this summer. We will coordinate with Jason to create some enhancements.
On my side there are many ideas on the table and I will try to tackle as many as humanly possible.

These include:

  • Speed improvement of texture painting :slight_smile:
    *Save Weight Groups as Images(Good for GIMPers and Photoshoppers :slight_smile: )
  • Pack islands for UVs (Organize different ‘islands’ of UVs in certain parts of the texture map)
  • Symmetrical UV’s
  • Subsurf-aware Unwrapping
  • Paint texture area density on mesh for unwrapping(Area of UV’s on texture will be modified according to this value)
    *Copy vertex weights/correct vertex weights
    *Smart UV Welding in UV editor
    *Maybe relax brushes for UV’s in UV editor, if time permits

I will post updates in this thread and I hope to get some feedback/ideas too.
If you feel that a feature not included here is a MUST, you are welcome to propose it and it will be discussed with Tom and Jason.

Cool stuff!

painting large textures in 32bit has always been un-usable for me… I heard this is because blender does some conversion for the whole texture constantly on the fly…

I wonder if

  • Speed improvement of texture painting
    will cover this?

Yes, that’s the plan though large textures will always have bandwidth related slowdowns(GPU upload). My idea was to do a GPU painter though this is too much work for this summer and there are a few objections. I’ll keep you posted!

I’ll just pipe up here again :slight_smile:

Michael_W, the exact lay of the land for Jason and Psy-Fi hasn’t been determined. Right now sparky_ mentioned he will be looking at the 32 bit float painting speed - everything taken off our plate by another developer leaves us one more item we can tackle. We easily have about two years worth of stuff to work on, so noone need to worry that Jason and Psy-Fi will run out of things to do for summer.


Hello and congratz on the GSoC’11! Blender after this summer will totally rock! :smiley:

Ah, great. Glad Morten’s on it!

First commit is in. Float texture painting should be much smoother. More coming :wink:

You can find new code/features in the onion branch:

also a nice bug fix for float painting… works great here :slight_smile:

hmm perhaps close this thread and share the sculpt and paint thread with jason since you two are going to be on the same branch.

Nice to see that fix!

It’d be goodIMO if thread titles were edited here to say which vegetable (branch) they relate to! I’m already confused!

Onion branch right?

yep onion is the correct branch, will be shared by jason and ryan.

Thank you Riakiotakis.

Here is the win32 build :yes:

whats new inside?

Hi blend_B, discussion is moved to the thread mentioned above.