GSoC 2016 - Improvements to Bezier Curves

Doh! My mistake I thought dphantom was the author and was saying it was ready for committing/review for final application. My apologies to the patch author for the misunderstanding.

That’s a really great news :slight_smile:

Any news about this project?

Last I heard genio84 submitted some requested changes to the patch, and now awaits review from other developers, but no word from them yet.

Hello everyone,

Someone suggested me to submit the individual tools as patches to make revision easier.

I submitted the extend tool (now named intersect) for review. After this one is approved, I will submit the next one. Depending on the devs availability, we might get all tools in master in the following weeks.

This are awesome tools and greatly improve the workflow with Bezier curves, I hope it reaches 2.79 release! :slight_smile:


Thank you for this effort, really. This is a very needed set of tools for curves in blender no doubt.

Would be awesome to get this in 2.79 =P

Not going to happen (BCon 4, meaning the only thing that can go in is bugfixes).

There’s been talk about implementing some of the GSoC stuff from last year into 2.7x once it becomes a branch (with 2.8 taking over as the main version). I’m not entirely sure if there will not be a final ‘performance’ release yet since 2.8 is not ready and it has happened before.

Devs been very busy lately, not only is the main focus on 2.8 now, there is also the 2.79 impending release on top of it.
It will never make it into 2.79, that ship has sailed, but I was hoping it could still be part of the 2.8 series.

But the review process is often controversial and it will take time for the devs to be available for review, it will take additional time to introduce any requested changes if required, so I’d say it will take quite a while.

Lets hope it can make it :slight_smile:

What a pitty not seeing this in 2.79… we NEED this! Let´s see in near future! maybe a 2.79a or something like that.

If there ever is a 2.79a it will be exclusively a bug fix release, no new features will be added only error will be mended.

I strongly doubt there will be another full release until 2.8, any intermediate releases would only delay things and benefit no one in long term; so right now we should focus all our manpower into getting this ready for 2.8.

If you don’t know how to code, the best we do right now is probably heavy testing. You can use the provided test builds and do thorough testing, and find any bugs.
What we need the most is reliable, easily reproducible examples that fail so they can be fixed and the devs get a smoothly working and well behaving tool when reviewing. This will speed things up and increase the likelihood of getting it into official releases.

Any new developments on this front? It would be a shame to let this die down

yeah, agreed, wouldn’t want to miss this one out

@genio84, are there chances that this can be included in 2.8?

Absolutely this project should not be forgotten, it would be a great pity.
bezier curves are very important!
I don’t think the bezier curve code in blender 2.8 has been touched too much, maybe the interface a little …

So far, can anyone say why this gsocs was not incorporated into the master? please do not tell me that it is due to the fact that the bezier curves are secondary to the level of interest.

@genio84 where are you? :thinking:

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any chance of getting this into 2.81

been long time we did not see any improvements on curves things

happy bl

Guys, @genio84 hasn’t been active since 2017 (necroposting anyone??), and considering his work is from 2016 (Blender 2.77/78 codebase) your best bet to contact him is to ask a moderator to contact him using the registration mail, otherwise probably this work will probably be lost, until some other dev take it from it’s ashes.

Just saying.

as you can see from the edited lines, only two files are big, and are those related to the curves … and the curves have not been touched in blender 2.80, so the work should be less dramatic than you think.

I would put things together …
yesterday with today … and who knows, someone with the magic touch, could take a look at the code and maybe decide to take the baton and carry on with the work.
I try, if nothing else, perhaps it can serve as inspiration.

@Khemadeva is the author of this wonderful flexy bezier tool, it seems natural to inform it of the existence of this code.
GSoC 2016 - Bezier Curves Improvements


@genio84 I hope your work will not be lost… Maybe some kind of donation or bounty would help here?