GSoC Paint improvements

Is there a wiki for this branch?

I want to see what exactly he is doing, so a Wiki or something like that would be great to follow his progress :).

If you want to follow his progress you should take a look here:

Thanks a lot :)!

I’ve noticed a long standing bug in texture paint and Wacom pressure. Every time I try to make a stroke with pressure, the first touch of the tablet results in a 100% pressure paint splotch. Then it proceeds correctly. I’m pretty I logged it as a bug a long time ago, but it’s still there, making me wonder if it’s just me doing something wrong. Can anyone confirm this? Is this something that this GSOC project can fix?

Not this project but maybe Mike Erwin’s gsoc project (Input Device improvements)

Looks like he started on a layer system. Click Here . I am excited about this project. I cant wait to see what is in store for this project.

That workflow looks pretty good and I’m glad there will be shortcuts to setting up the various channels, that’s one thing about Blender, as powerful as it is, there isn’t a lot of presets or quick ways of doing certain things.

Looking forward to more progress :slight_smile:

oh i really like Painting but this video don’t understand so much :(.

  • I like the way of Zbrush paint maybe you can do something like this.:yes:

  • I really like to clone like photoshop does .

  • I can prepair a model to prove the new Piant System

can you answer me please?:rolleyes:

What this video is showing is creating a much shorter way to create diffuse, bump and specular maps. You just click on “Bump” for example, and you immediately get a material datablock which has all the neccessary settings to be a bump-material. No need to create a new material, set the material to use an image, check “normal” - this video shows a much shorter approach. I think workflow tweaks like that are needed a lot in Blender!

Just putting it out there, I think an easier approach for things like Cloning is a must, I’ve never managed to get cloning to work, it just seems like a tedious and complex way of getting the whole thing to work.

ok Thanks so much but what i ask before?

Actual layers with blend modes would be awesome, this is a feature really missing from the ZBrush painting system.

it should be like photochop and Bodypaint
I think that must be the way ;).

I think this is his target. It looks like if he has time he’s going to implement Ptex.

i would like a lot of Brushes to work like photoshop. :wink:
Zbrush can paint like alphas drag and paint i like to paint like this too .

Hope you can do it

I hope he can achieve his goals! His targets are awesome and exactly what the paint system needs. I would suggest he pays attention to performance on this as well. Being able to interactively paint an 8k texture would be killer. :slight_smile: Or at least being able to easily set up and work with multiple 4k textures would be amazing too.

For me the biggest thing would be to be able to say paint a spec layer or reflection or gloss and watch the results in real time.

There was a node setup somewhere for painting normals but I don’t know what happended to that.

Come to think of it… wouldn’t it be great to be able to touch up frames of a movie sequence using the clone tool?

Also (as long as I’m really starting to dream) wouldn’t it be cool to be able to add filters like blur or saturation or a curve to an individual texture and apply that while painting?

Another cool feature. This will help alot in texture selection.