Gspin sketchbook

Time to get a thread which i can fill with crap :smiley:

Comments and critique are very welcome here :wink:


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7x10^9 (read: seven billions)

This morning i woke up with this thought: that i am one in more than seven billions. That means that i’m unique in a way similar to a grain of sand on a beach. The shape and combination of minerals may differ from that of other grains, making it unique.
But there is so much sand that the single grain doesn’t matter, and the fact that it is unique is completely insignificant. Even if the biggest grain disappeared (by the definition of sand, the biggest grain would be 2mm wide), gravity would pull other grains in its place and fill the ridiculously tiny hole it left. A golden grain? There will surely be much more gold in the rest of the sand.

Now, i’ll just shake off that thought and keep being a grain of sand: it’s only a small part of the trillions of electric signals crossing a human brain each second :slight_smile:

Just playing with an emission shader plugged to volume and blender’s procedural noise texture:

My kettle for blendernation’s weekend contest.
I failed to finish it in time, but it was good exercise for me :slight_smile:

Now, a technical question which is bothering me: you should see the darkest areas of the image as nearly pure black.
But when i open the image in gnome’s image viewer (i’m on arch linux with gnome), it’s not black at all.
It’s more like very dark yellowish, and the difference is not subtle at all. It kind of looks better that way, but it makes me feel out of control.

I figured it’s because of ICC colour profiles, which are not used by blender.
What should i do to make sure i see the image the same way consistently?
How can i make sure that you’ll see pure black if i want you to see pure black?
Should i completely disable ICC colour management for my screen? Things seem to look the same in every application if i disable it, but i don’t know if there are downsides.

Slippers :smiley:

The kettle is just gorgeous !

A wip render.
It’s a wip because that bucket ought not be left alone! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A plastic popcorn bucket.
Without the popcorn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The texture was taken from the real object via this process:
Basically, i put the thing on a motorized turntable (made with an arduino, stepper motor and a paper plate, because i didn’t have one), so that i could get a decent slitscan image.
Then, inkscape was used to turn it into a vector image and edit it a bit, so that i could get a perfectly clean texture.

Scratches and smudges are 100% procedural :slight_smile:

The colored pencils in the cup look pretty good.

The popcorn bucket though, I think you should at see about using the rigid body simulation tools to fill the bucket with popped corn (it’s easy to use and just works when set up right).

Thanks, they are not pencils though, they are straws.
It seems i struggle a bit with these thin translucent plastic materials, but please tell me they look a bit like straws xD

For the popcorn: I’ll put some in there when it’s ready.
I’m making all my models and materials, because i need to practice.
Popped corn doesn’t seem easy, but I’ll try :wink:

Yeah, they’re happy little straws now.

So, tried making some popped corn :slight_smile:

At first i was trying the “procedural” way, which is using 2 displacements on an icosphere.
I didn’t like the result though, so i sculpted it with dyntopo and then decimated :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not very detailed, but i plan to have it at a distance greater than this in the final image. This one is just a test to see how the model looks when there’s a bunch of them :slight_smile:

Also, i only made one sculpt, so this is all instances of the same model. I want to make at least 2 more, to have some less repetition.


Nice work in here…:slight_smile:

I like Your Slippers and the Popcorn bucket too…The popped corn isen’t bad for a first try.

There is the Randomize Transform You get it from the spacebar type random , it open in T - Panel
Think it could be used to make a little variation to the Corn.


About the popcorn, it needs more randomness and curl in the displacement along with a small degree of random size in the objects themselves.

There should also be many different variants of the kernel object as well (which includes small fragments and maybe an old maid or two).

Thanks :slight_smile:
That randomize transform… I have to try that :smiley:

And yes, i was planning to sculpt more variants.

Not sure i should make fragments and… old maids?
I’m not sure about the meaning, are the non-popped seeds called like that?
Anyway, if that’s the meaning, fragments and non-popped corn tend to go towards the bottom, so they usually aren’t visible :slight_smile:

I’ve little time for this lately, so i only made one more popcorn model, ran the simulation and called it done.

That’s it :slight_smile:

Wanted to give a try at sketchfab :smiley:

A traditional Moka coffee machine, modeled in blender and rendered with RenderMan as a test (no textures or fancy procedural materials here).

Are there really popcorn all the way down in that bucket, or did you cheat with a false bottom? :wink:

Sorry for the late reply, they are all there, with a much lower detail :wink:

Anyway, here’s a new picture :smiley:

“Artificial light”: