GT5: The new symbol of extreme perfectionism?

With such extreme detail like on the 1000 cars and huge number of tracks, as well as the massive number of features, bells, whistles, and other goodies like full destructability in 200 of the cars, you might think just how much more the team can put in as the Blu-ray disc is almost maxed out on capacity.

I have to say, this is perhaps the new symbol of extreme perfectionism, you try to make the game better and add more stuff to the point where it seems it can’t possibly get any better, can’t possibly be improved even more, or can’t possibly add anymore additional content as you hit the limits of storage and how much time gamers are willing to spend just to complete everything.

The only thing that could possibly make the game better is perhaps things like checkpoint races and racing in things like semis and firetrucks, oops, I just gave some ideas, watch the game get delayed for another year:eek:

What do you think of the possible relation between this game and striving towards such perfectionism that it almost seems like the game will never be done?

I wonder how they do. Stunning looking cars running at 1080p.

A lot of tricks go into to doing that, i’m impressed but not blown away.

and possibly 3D presentation…

Flight simulators I can understand, but car simulators … it feels redundant.

Anyway, that’s some nice tech on display.