gta silent

But we have told him before that it isn’t a good idea to start out with a gta game…
And I’ve seen that fps game he talks about. It was called Lightning. Didn’t go anywhere. Why? Big game. Although the gun looked pretty cool… :slight_smile:

yeah good point…

For really dude make a simple maze game…there are like 4tutorials on how to…

I made an offer to him if he and I wanted to team up and make a fun little marble game, but he didn’t respond…

zymn… how on earth would we know that?

he posted it in his other gta thread…

Aspergers isnt HORRIBLE…and Plus…How are we jerks if he isnt taking any of our advice??? So yeah.UH

Lilgrudge: it tcol thread page 12 i think… or 11, blackreaper sayed FU, but not the acronym =P

As a gamedesigner, u dream to make that awesome killer-game, ur dreamgame, whatever it is… With lack of fantasy and creativity, u will start to attempt to make WoW-clones, FPS-games, and such… I started out with FPS-games myself in 3dgamestudio… With only skills to design Half-lifes maps.
After some nonsucceeded projects, u will probably think to start smaller, after so many times more skilled gamedesigners told u to start small… I hear it everywhere, and I use to say it myself, Start small.

Ofcourse, u get more skills… hopefully… and start to succed with these small simple games… and then u try other simple games… and every project being bigger than that project u did before…
And someday… if u still like to design games… and improving ur skills… U will make a good game…

To make that steep from a Indygame… a pretty small game, to that awesome comersial pro-games that u see in ur computergame-store… U most be part of a team with skilled programmers and designers. and u most be skilled as ur team-mates.

Many nub-designers try to take shortcuts, the most classic and nr1 shortcut is try to recruit pro-game-makers to make the job for them. and that will never work, I don´t know a single case that worked out.

If u see this stuff I just writed down on this post as a ladder, u are at the bottom right now… and it will take years before u are on the same level as me, I just succed to make average a bit simple, not to simple indygames… Check out my website… to see my work. If u mature enough, u will be there about 2-4 years.
Good luck…

PS: Saying the F-work will make ur unpopular, so no one till take ur serious…


I 100% agree with yeahman.

I do note that many FPS games are uninspired. I do have a decent prototype of an FPS style game I have started, but it goes a very non-violent route in that you shoot at targets and turrets and not living enemies.

Hello jordondvey. I feel for you man, you discover this software, blender and you want to make this big simple game with all the high level stuff. Unfortunetly you don’t seem to be patient. If you haven’t noticed, most of the comments come from skilled and hard working people. So even I, I’m learning blender too, feel desapointed when you show such a lack of dedication, like you show us a blocky character and you go: I’LL DO THIS and I’ll DO THAT… sorry man, but you got to ask questions, run tests, do an evluation of your skills, knowledge and dedication. Like cut your project down into smaller parts, like level design. We ruther see a sketch of a city block than a plane and tow cube, you see what I mean?
We’re here to help you do your game, not to do your game.
I’ve been running tests for my game since December, only now I’m starting to build the levels, coz I collected enough knowledge and tool to start. And also ,bla, bla, bla bla…:slight_smile:
Work harder, do tones of research, analyse other peeps works, gain more modeling skills, follow lots of tutorials, we’ll help you more promply then. Peace

Agree with torakunsama, see this gamedesign-stuff as a mmorpg, do u think u could kill that 200LVL RedDragon from hell with only 0.3lvl fightingskills and a piece of toiletpaper.
U must take care of this pink little bunnys first at the oatfield of nublands, then go for the evil hamsters in the happyfun-forest.
and what skills do u gain if u let a pro-gamer (who gamed that mmorpg all his life) do ur work!!??

PS: the word sTyle do contain a “T”…

PS2: Why the name GTA silent? Is it because it´s a wannabe-GTA, with no sound… because U don´t know how to implent soundeffects? but u still wanna make a Grand Theft Auto-game…


Ive been working for months on my latest blender game, and i havent even touched blender for it yet. Theres a lot more that goes into a good game than just making models etc.

Nearly everything you need to know can be found online, through tutorials and BA etc. If your not willing to look at these resources and help yourself, then theres nothing we can do to help you.

Also on a side note, ive seen some of your models in your youtube videos the past few days. The quality that they are doesnt match your previous work. Especially the jaffa warrior in your latest video, its completely textured and a very accurate model. And you sent me the AK47 model (which was pretty much a perfect game model, not blocky like your other models) And u didnt even know what kind of gun it was, even tho the model name was ak47. Hmmmm? :confused:

Im not accusing you of anything (yet), but im warning you, its a very bad path to take if its what ur starting to do. You cannot take other peoples work, and then claim it as your own. Its the fastest possible way to get yourself banned, and ruin your reputation forever.

Personally, I think the best way to figure out how to make a GTA-style game would be to make one in the spirit of the original GTA or GTA2. All the logic is the same, but you would have far less work to do in the way of modeling and crap like that. The problem with most one-person game projects is the idea so easily becomes bloated. Why are people making fun of you? because it’s an impossible idea. No way are you ever going to finish - I don’t even believe you will. Come up with a strategy that twists the idea to prove everyone wrong? That’s dynamite.

This took roughly one hour, which includes time I took to make you a whole friggin’ video tutorial while I was doing it. Here’s the .blend file finished.

I hope everyone will stop talking about this topic pretty soon. I mean, if you’re all going to bash someone for trying, at least be productive while you do it. And please, for pete’s sake, stop telling the guy to make a marble game! It’s totally unrelated dribble.

On a side note, I think the escapist did a nice tidbit about everything GTA-related that gets these threads so piping hot with anger.

ad edge i havent cliamed anything as my own so all of you get lost i dont care if you report me or get me banned ill still come back and you keep banned me well i have a disability i bet no one else here like ad edge or anyone who are saying well just geto over the disability as i cant if you had it you would know it suckers

Can some one please close this thread? Its really getting Pointless
Its just away for people to Flame someone and get +1 post count

+1 post count :smiley:
We had worked hard to learn Blender, and none of us are gonna make a whole game for you so you don’t have to put any effort. So, work hard, use theh super-kool tool, and learn.
You just have to give it time. Around 8 months and you can know more than me right now depending on how much time you give it. The only sucker here is being you, because you’re being lazy. And, he didn’t really accuse you of anything. He just warned you that stealing other people’s work is dangerous.
And go to school and learn to spell.

+1 post count :smiley:
Damn, I hate how the body limits the soul. But he just warned you that claiming other’s work as your own and sometimes not crediting can give bad consequences.

just go there and it will all end

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               there just people who dont care

Most forums wouldn’t allow people with Asperger’s to use the condition as a ticket to behave just how he wants.

I can say this, I have it and I still have gotton temp. banned. Aspergers wasn’t a never get banned at all card for me.