Gta V and other games models appreciation thread

(This topic is just for talking about 3d models inside Gta V and other games, it is not for exporting or sharing them. It is also not for talking about those games, but just the models themselves, so instead of other software, I’ll put it in tutorials section, since it’s specifically about models and you can learn a lot from looking at them and studying them)

I love exploring the world of GTA V, no matter how much time I spend in it, I always find something new, ever since I got interested in 3d modeling, I got even more interested, it seems like there is a unlimited amount of 3d models in the game.

Today I discovered a free 3d map viewer for it called Codewalker 3d map, although there’s probably others as well…and with it, you can hover all around the map and zoom in all the way to see everything a 3d model has to offer. I hovered inside Chop’s doghouse and I got impressed, all walls inside the doghouse (which you can’t really see from the outside) are correctly done, the sides of walls are not just plain poligon faces, but actual wood with spaces between it, UV texturing is done correctly and the blanket Chop sleeps on even has pee and poo stains!

What are some other models that are really nice? Also, what do you think is the software they used for making their models?

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This thread doesn’t actually have a tutorial, tip, or trick in it… so to keep it in that other subforum would be misleading. It’s best here.

I poked around some more in that program I mentioned and this is how the roads are made in GTA V. To be honest, I expected that they would be a lot longer models. The ground beneath them is deleted. If I wanted to replicate this in Blender, I would use shrinkwrap to align the terrain to the road, right?

Wouldn’t creating longer road models be more efficient, since there would be less polygons and less textures needed? I suppose that this was done for the LOD, but still.

Found another amazing tool that is even more useful for learning modeling, Open IV, or to be more precise the model viewer inside it, free of course. Open IV is a program used for opening archives of Gta V and is mostly used to import new car/skin/map mods you downloaded.

However, a less known thing is that it also features a texture and a model viewer. Best of all is that it is not limited with orbit around mode, instead you can select the free camera and fly anywhere on the 3d model you want, you can also speed up (shift) or slow down (ctrl) camera movement, so that you can see all the fine details.

Here’s a random model of a phone.