GTX 1080 (apparently) Does not like volumetrics

Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I have been having big problems with volumetrics since I updated my hardware from an NVIDIA 760 FX to a GTX 1080 a couple months ago. First there was the problem with not being able to install the current drivers, and even when I got a current driver to install, well, the problem has been repeated occurrences of “Driver kernel has stopped working and recovered” which of course, results in the loss of whatever I was working on. Mostly this happens when rendering, but just now happened in rendered view, while trying to tweak a volumetric material to the right settings. THis does not seem to happen with anything else, just when dealing with volumetrics.

Has anyone else been having this problem?

Hi, this is a Windows timeout problem.
Windows “think” the card/application does not respond and stop the application.
Search for Nvidia windows time out error, there is a setting in the Windows registry you can add/change the wait time and the error disappears.
I have no time to search at moment or in other words, I am to lazy. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib

Thank you so much! I’ll give it a look at next break.

Laziness is the foundation of innovation! :wink:

There’s a very detailed description of what to do on the Substance3D site here:

Please note that this registry setting might be reset any time a new Windows Update and/or nVidia driver is installed.

I’m so glad I’m on Linux now :wink:

I know, right? :rofl: I am still about a year or so out from being able to switch. Manglement personnel want to combine switching to Linux with new machines (Ryzen!!!) Which means waiting. Which SUCKS! :crazy_face:

Thank you for the link!