GTX 670 with Blender is a mess

Got the GTX 670 today and was so excited getting it plugged into PC. Turned it on and then spent the rest of the day wrestling with the computer to make it work properly.

I’ve since installed the latest build available, CUDA Toolkit 4.2, the latest Nvidia Beta drivers for the card and then the 2.64 build of Blender which eventually made it the most stable even though it’s still a mess.

Get various CUDA errors while rendering with Cycles in the preview window, sometimes the preview won’t start, sometimes it stops in the middle and sometimes it just keeps going indefinitely. Blender itself just seems to run alot slower, moving around the viewport is often stuttery, especially so when the preview window is rendering. On several occasions it has crashed the program completely so I’m saving more often than normal now(which was already every minute or two!)

Hitting F12 seems to work now but everytime it finishes a sample, the system hangs, the top menu bar adds the (Not Responding) text as if it’s about to crash, then continues as normal. I’ve left it on overnight to do a full render of something that should take about 12 hours so I’ll see if it’s managed it when I get into work tomorrow or not or crashed in the middle of it.

I don’t know what else to do or try. Hopefully there will be a fix for it all soon but it’s went from a perfect experience with just slow rendering on the CPU previously to behaving like a dog now with lightning quick renders when it works.

Anyone else had similar problems or even managed to solve them? :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear of your problems Rossco!

I got a 680 4GB and i’m sadly stuck with the same issues. Not so extensive but close. I was happy as a six year old at the christmas tree when i plugged it in and got a hammer in my face when i started Blender. Nothing seem to work properly. I even did a full reinstall of my pc in hope that there was just something wrong from my side. Didn’t help me a bit.

I tried other versions of Blender but they all seem to have some kind of drawback concerning the 680, or the 600 series all together. It seem to have something to do with the Cuda 3.0 support which dont seem to be available in the present official release of Blender.
I’m hoping that this will be corrected in the new version due to be released at the beginning of August.

For now i’ve pulled out my 680 and replaced it with a at least fully working video card, hoping and crossing my fingers for a better experience later on…

  • July 25th update *

Tried the new preview version of Blender today. Though some render glitches and crashes which one would expect from a production test, rendering for geforce 670-680 now is possible.

Sadly, so far the horsepowers in 680 didn’t exactly blow me away. Got a geforce 580 and that seems just as fast.

Looking forward to the stable version of Blender 2.64!!

New version as in out today? :o Not on the Blender daily builds page? Link me up mate! :slight_smile:

I’ve just been struggling through with this card. Sometimes it will crash every minute or so then others I can manage about half an hour without a crash. I literally have to save all the time now and doing a full render with GPU is still impossible. Only previews which rarely reach above 200 samples. I’ll try the new build tomorrow in work and see how it fares. CPU rendering is about 10 times slower for me when doing an F12 render so I’m desperate!

This last one on the list is the one i tried; 64bit version.

Did a test to check if it rendered allright and i didn’t get any crash, rendered fine in both preview and F12. Can’t say its any speed demon, but at least it works, thats reassuring.

A preview render of a living room with lights, global lights, glass and mirrors, 350 samples, took me about 1min20.

Hmmm I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m running already. Try doing a long render and see how far it goes.

Did a 9hr 40min render, 22600 passes, resolution 1600x1200. Stable render with no problems.

No way! What version does it say you are running on the splash screen?

It says 2.63.13 r48802

Me too. :frowning:

Did you upgrade to Cuda Toolkit 4.2 or Beta Nvidia drivers?

After my very problematic start with Geforce 680, i did a reinstall of my entire system thinking i had done something wrong causing these problems. Then i installed the latest nvidia drivers (not beta), Cuda 4.2. Still it didn’t work at all. So i pulled out my 680 and replaced it with my 580. Then after reading a blog entry about combining different video cards without the need of sli, which i didnt think was possible, i put the 680 back in together with my 580 so i could render with one and work with the other. (680 as the main VC) This works excellent and i was very happy because as you know rendering with one VC causes any work at at all on the computer but rendering to halt to a allmost complete stop.

With this pre version of blender my Gainward Geforce 680 now works and i’m also able to combine both 650 and 680 in the rendering process.

I paid a lot for the 680 and for now i must say it was not worth the money, i might as well be better off buying yet another 580 and running in SLI which i’ve heard bring much better results, but who knows what the future brings when it comes to updates for the card.

I might as well add my specs for my computer so you know what i got installed, hardware, then thinking of the power supply, do matter a bit specially when it comes to stability though that is not allways the case.

(Intel I7 2600K, 16 GB ram, 750W PS, SSD, Gainward Geforce 680 4GB, EVGA Geforce 580 1.5GB)

Update! Combining 680+580 caused a crash at the end of rendering the BMW speed test. So not everything is working quite well yet.

I don’t know how you have managed it then as I’m running the same Blender version as you yet the card crashes the system constantly. Can’t use two GPUs either so can’t even slightly solve the problem that way like you are. Guess I’m just waiting for official support which will hopefully be soon.

Unfortunately I can’t offer any help to your specific problem, but I did just pick up 2 EVGA 680 cards and they are working great here. (4 gig cards in 2 separate systems, not SLI)

I was a bit disappointed in the 600 performance compared to the 500. (Comparing against a 560ti only cut the render by 7 seconds on Mike Pan’s BMW scene,… around 50 seconds for all of them)

I’m not at those machines now, but I will post the build# later (It will be something from mid-July that I grabbed off Graphicall)

Cheers, I’ll try anything to get this working. It seems a bit more stable now that I’ve started a new project with a near empty scene but still crashes and freezes all the time and won’t finish an F12 render properly either.

I went to try that mate but don’t have that option in my add/remove programs so can’t help sorry.

In response to your PM, I personally would advise you not to buy this card as I’ve had nothing but problems with it. But others seem to have gotten the 600 series cards to work fine now so it’s your choice.

Do you have Win 7 and new Intel processor with graphics in it? I’ve and when I go to uninstal menu I can find Intel Driver in search box on the top right. I can’t tell exaclly name, because I’ve got polish version of operating system. Don’t want to bother you, but if it helps, this would be great news to us both :slight_smile:

It’s an i7 860 so not that new. I only have the System Requirements Lab for Intel in my add/remove programs list which is a piece of software for downloading up to date drivers I believe so not the driver we’re looking for unfortunately.

Sorry I couldn’t help.

Just bought EVGA GTX 670 SC 4GB. Instaled newest drivers 306.23-desktop-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-english-whql (and nothing else) and looks like everything works fine. My setup: i7 2600k Windows 7.

…And so…the GTX 580 does not exist anymore… what can i buy for Blender? :\

Titan! :wink: