GTX 680 <-> Quadro 4000 ??

Greetings to all BlenderHeads and Merry Christmas to all !!

I have read a lot of information in several forums concerning the video cards.
I find myself still lost…

It is urgent for me to change my card this week and I need your help…please :slight_smile:
At start I was ready to buy a Quadro 4000, hoping my computer would go sky high with extreme quality and speed renders.
But then I got the feeling that Blender uses CUDA technology very well. And in that case the GTX 680 surpasses the QUADRO from far. At least in the number of CUDA.

So…can someone please help me find the right door to knock? :wink:

I am a Blender user, I have an Intel i5 + 16 Go of RAM.
The budget is the pretty close for either of them.

Thank you all in advance and Merry Christmas again !


I got a GTX680 Classified Edition today and, amazingly it’s render times are a few seconds longer then my GTX580 was. I was just looking at possibly returning and exchanging it for a Quadro 4000 but after reading your comment I’m really at a lost now :spin:

did you end up getting the Quadro?

Neither. For the best performance from you rendering you should look at the gtx 580 3gb. The Quadro cards don’t present any advantages for Blender use and the gtx 6xx series have less capable CUDA cores.