GTX 780 inserted causes failed boot, mint & win 8

My GPU (PNY GTX GEFORCE 780) has gone rogue. It gets power and spins and lights up but when it is inserted in the pcie slot my machine won’t boot. I have changed the bios to try both on board vga and gpu. I have two separate hard drives (mint and win8) and they both refuse to boot. Mint gets to the mint icon and then a cursor appears in top left corner rest of the screen black. Win gets to the win logo and hangs. Any ideas?

Did you try booting from a Linux Live distro?

If that doesn’t work either, chances are that the GTX 780 is either not installed correctly (Really pushed all the way into the slot? Power supply connected/powerful enough?) or defective…

If that does work, you would have narrowed it down to a Win and Linux configuration (driver?) issue.

Wait. Sorry, I might have misunderstood the issue: This is a newly installed card? Or a card that suddenly stopped working?

I don’t think it’s a physical connection problem (pushing down) I have two pcie slots and I tried it in both, both have a little latch that snaps when it’s in. As for defective, it did previously work (on both windows and mint) so any failure is (likely) hardware on the gpu itself. It just seems weird, I mean if you put a broken pci card in a machine it should still boot, shouldn’t it?

havent’ tried live distro, I have the disc around somewhere. I will try that.

Yeah, the card did previously work just fine on both mint and windows. Basically this is the back story. I was working in mint with gpu (using gpu alot, for machine learning overnight runs) when one day mint would not boot. booted to live cd, and eventually reinstalled mint, still won’t boot normally. So I start pulling cards and discover that the gpu simply being connected causes the issue, which also occurs with windows. Basically a previously working gpu on both OSes now causes both to not be able to boot.

Looks like a dead card to me…

I think you’re right. Aren’t PNY GTX’s gauranteed fo life? Do they still make them? who can I call and yell at?