GTX 780: More memory or clockrate?

Hey, just decided to get a new system with a single GTX 780 card.
I’m not sure to buy a card with a higher clockrate and 3GB or
one with 6GB and a slightly lower clockrate.
What is more important for blender cycles CUDA renderings?
Which card would you prefer?

Greets Hardy

With the given specifications and description of actual use, definitely more memory. It’s possible to overclock the thing but it’s not possible to add more memory.

Graphic overclocking does not makes that much difference, maybe a few more FPS in a game. The basic speed is based off the motherboard front side bus speed. Go with the RAM option as JA12 suggests.

The clock speed will make a difference in GPU rendering… the motherboard pci-e connection is irrelevant once the scene is on the GPU, faster memory/clocks will produce a faster render, however I would defiantly still recommend the 6GB VRAM card.

Memory. Always memory. It’s the Achilles’ heel of GPU rendering. And an overclock is very useful if you are rendering large animations. A 10% performance increase doesn’t much matter with a single frame, but spread out over hundreds or even thousands of frames, it makes a HUGE difference.

So, if you want both, try the Asus STRIX 6GB card. Otherwise, the 780 is already fast enough as-is.

If you’re looking GTX 780 card, I would definitely recommend ASUS Strix GTX 780 6GB. I got my own this week and while testing it, I found it excellent card. It’s already OC but you can still adjust it even more. With cost of heat production of course. Only drawback is that when fans raise over 50%, it starts to sound noisy. But if you have good air flow in the case, that probably will help to keep it cool enough that the fans don’t go crazy :slight_smile:

Thanks for your information.
I just decided to get the
Inno3D GeForce GTX 780 iChill HerculeZ X3 Ultra, 6144 MB DDR5
which is also factory overclocked but cheaper than the asus…
Anyone here working with this card?

Inno3D is not that well known. Didn`t know about those guys before you mentioned them here. I would go for the Asus even if it costs a bit more purely for well known brand quality.

I have had some bad experiences with less known hardware brands like Club3D. Never buy anything from Club3D if they still exist.

Test wasn’t too bad…