GTX 970 + 960 = no boot

So… I guess this isn’t technically Blender-related, or at least not directly. But a general internet search has not turned up any answers. Have an EVGA gtx 960, and wanted to add an EVGA gtx 970. But with both cards in the computer, it won’t boot into windows. The 960 used to be partnered with a 460, worked fine then. The 960 or the 970 by themselves, the computer boots just fine, so the cards are fine. Have both, no boot. Upgraded the PSU to 1000W today, and according to my brother should have more than enough power for running both. Anyone have a guess? (Exact system specs can be posted, if needed.)

Tried different PCIE slots for the second card?

Yep. Tried every combination of the two cards in the availble PCI-E slots. No dice.

Can you even get to the BIOS or the UEFI? It sounds like it has something to do with the motherboard (or a related Windows update package). No SSD is disabling a PCIe slot, correct?

Hmm, not sure what the UEFI is, but yes, I can get to the BIOS just fine. Can boot Windows, can use the computer in a perfectly normal way, unless I try to boot with both cards installed. Boot process goes normally until just before Windows starts, when it gives a single beep (which I think is supposed to be a good sign), then restarts the process. As to the SSD, it’s just plugged to the board with a regular SATA cable. So no, it shouldn’t be disabling a PCI-E slot. (I think.) Maybe the BIOS needs updated?

Anyone else want to take a guess? I’m wondering if the fact that one is a Gigabye and the other an EVGA is having something to do with this.

Well, I’m not sure how or why, but it’s apparently a memory issue. If anyone else is having a similar problem, it’s buried waaaaay deep on this forum.

Says to update the BIOS (which I didn’t end up doing), but the second part “…also a memory option you may need to tweak in your bios. In the BIOS, under Frequency/Voltage Control | Memory Feature, try setting the “Memory Low Gap” to it’s highest setting, then see if both cards will work when installed…” Tried that, and much to my surprise, it booted right up. Wicked fast render times now (at leeast compared to what it was before). Thanks to everybody who did try to help.