GTX 980 VS RTX 3090 - CUDA - OPTIX in Blender - 2023

This is my first Blender Benchmarks video, between GTX 980 - RTX 3090 in CUDA and OPTIX.
let’s see how much the difference is between GTX 980 and RTX 3090.
Main Render and Viewport in Blender 3.4.1


RTX 3090 has median score of 6000 while 980 has median score of 391 score on


Yes, that’s a big difference, and besides, I was curious to see Optix worked on the GTX 980, but it made rendering times worse most of the time. in my experience, it doesn’t work on GTX GPUs.

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Hardware without dedicated RT cores tend to perform worse in RT tasks.


yes, exactly. but I wonder why this option is not disabled with GTX GPUs.I was curious about that is this Optix can be at least 5% faster than Cuda for GTX GPUs.
but in my experience, as you said made render time even worse.

OptiX is a RT library aka the software. To run fast it needs dedicated hardware for it → RT cores. If this hardware does not exist then OptiX runs on CUDA cores only.
At least that’s how I understand it.

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It seems reasonable.
Thanks for the information.

probably the 3090 is better

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I did much the same tests when I updated from a GTX 1070 Ti to a RTX 3080 Ti a couple of months ago.

And yeah, OptiX on non-RTX cards is basically always slower. But once you have a RTX card, the performance difference is just massive, even compared to CUDA on the same card (which I also tested).

The whole RT thing may be a bit iffy with gamers (depending on the game, settings used, speed of the card, etc, etc), but for us with Blender and Cycles it’s been nothing but a massive win.


yes, definitely
you can watch how much the difference they have

nice video.
you even achieved better results in render time than me.
maybe it’s because of recording video or
my old CPU Ryzen 1700 ( bottleneck PC problem )


Likely a bit of both, all my render tests where done with the PC doing nothing else, it was a pure GPU test, so yeah, recording the video at the same time likely didn’t help.

And yes, my 5900X would be a little faster then the old 1700, haha, so I have have gained a second or 2 in the initial build/prep time.

Still, you have a 3090, so your set for sometime to come now, can just upgrade around it.

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for next I should upgrade the CPU to something 5900 or 5950. but for now, I should stick to the old 1700 :sweat_smile:.
by the way, up to where I know the AM4 socket will have no more CPUs anymore the last one is 5800X3d.

Yeah, that will likely be about the last one released for the AM4 platform. Chances are you maybe better off with the 5900x or 5950x, I don’t think the extra 3D cache of the 5800X3D makes a lot of difference to Blender.

Having said that, if you currently have a 1700, the motherboard maybe too old to update to a 5900x, you’d have to check to see how far the BIOS was updated too.

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Thanks for the information.

according to the official Asus website, 5900x and 5950x need 8503 bios version,
and I did upgrade the motherboard bios to 8601. I think it will work

UPDATE, it’s a little off-topic. but it’s maybe useful.
As you read my previous posts, I wanted to upgrade my mainboard ( Asus Crosshair Vi Hero ) Bios to
after upgrading to the version that Asus officially released.
my Pc worked well for just 2-3 days.
but after that, problems started with the flakiness mouse, then a laggy screen and voice in watching videos, very unstable even couldn’t handle showing a simple video.
and all of the fans worked at the highest speed ( just the CPU fan worked correctly ) at the end windows crashed many times and faced BSODs, I faced much time with this problem.

after searching on the net I find out the exact same problem happens to many people, which upgraded to the 8601 Bios Version.
this version ( 8601) doesn’t work correctly on ( Crosshair Hero Vi ) and the latest stable Bios version is 8101.

I found out that Aura and AIsuite don’t work in this Bios version and the setup.exe can’t run to install the AIsuite program which causes high fan speed.
I decide to downgrade to Bios 8101 version. after downgrading.
AIsuite and Aura installed and up to now everything working the same as before.

conclusion: If you have the same mainboard as my mainboard.
do not upgrade the bios to the 8601’s very unstable and without this bios version or any newest stable bios version,
I think can not use 5900 and 5950 CPUs.
hope they release a new stable version in the future.