guardian of atlantis (character for artstation challange)

Hey folks,

I’m working on this project since the last artstation challange.

The challange is allready over and I didn’t finish on time but I’d like to complete this one and I’m currently working on it on the weekends. I finished a first draft of the textures lately and I wanted to ask for some feedback befor I go on.

I’m not quite happy yet: For example I think the scratches and dirt/tear on the metal is too extreme and the colors are not that harmonic right now. Perhaps some variation on the leather is missing too.

Please tell me if you got some ideas or helpful advice. Thanks in advance and have a great day everyone!


The scratches and markings on the metals contrast with the fabrics. I feel the fabric should show some detail of wearing out and fraying, even if a little, just to match the amount of ‘life’ of the metals. Unless her equipment and clothing are replaced routinely, they should all share the same amount of wear and tear, whether from the environment or from physical confrontations.