So I entered this competition for animators in Africa about two weeks ago, the challenge was a 10 second animation clip.

This was the result.

I don’t usually animate, I mainly rig, light and do technical stuff but my workmates really came through and gave me good advice.

I composited in After Effects but did everything else but the sound in blender. There’s a little noise as I got pressed for time, I rendered at 32 samples for the diffuse passes and 64 for the rim pass and since I intended it for mobile viewing, I think it can pass :sweat_smile:

The Characters are home made dolls, my mum told me how they would make dolls out of a certain plant.

As the actual plant didn’t and doll didn’t have as much appeal I went for guavas for heads, I kept some ideas from the original like the flowers for the dress and decided to go for hollowed out heads and vines for hands to give them a unique look.

I plan on turning these into a web toon shorts hence the title of the topic Guavaville, For updates on development do check out my instagram or the soon to be home for the guava heads which is rather bear right now at Guavaville