Guerilla render for blender?

I just stumbled across Guerilla render, a production raytracing renderer that’s offered for free (but not open source).So theoretically someone could write an exporter for blender?

you can use obj but the best would be alembic.

I made this video

Yeah, I knew your could do exports that way, just wondered if it was possible to do an integrated exporter for the whole scene, similar to Carona or Appleseed.I’m not a developer , just curious.

No, you cannot.

Hopefully with the Alebic integration, full integration of a lot of software will be more feasible

Well, it is technically possible, and I even wrote the devs about it when I had the idea to write an exporter. But yes, Guerilla really shines with an Alembic-centric pipeline, not using static .obj’s.

If you’re only wanting to render stills with it, which I like to do since it’s much more feature-rich than Cycles, you could actually write an exporter to write a .gproject file for the scene.

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