Guess what...another spaceship

Well, it seems that everyone starts with spaceships, so thats what I’m doing. It’s my second project (the first is currently on hold!) and is at the modelling stage. This is meant to be in line with the kind of star wars type universe.
and also
Any C&C on the model would be appreciated.

Steps on the to do list are (in order):

  1. increase detail and add more modelled parts to hull.
  2. textures - UV mapping mainly.
  3. scene

I can’t decide whether to sharpen the edge where the wings drop down or not, what do people think?

Thanks for looking,


Ps Progress will be slow due to having my finals for the next two weeks, but it makes a welcome break!

This is looking good, but is not the front abit too long? Atleast IMHO :slight_smile: It’s your creation, do what you think is right. Just my thought.

Use “Set Smooth” :smiley:

wow really good for a second project lol but i would agree the front should be a little shorter but good work keep uit up

Thanks for the comments.

I’m throwing around the idea of widening up the cockpit to make it more of a 2 person ship or 1 person for longer distances than just a fighter. This way the front doesn’t seem as extended. Thoughts?

I’m trying to UV map the hull, but really struggling to unwrap it. I’ve looked at all the tutorials etc but can’t get my head around putting the seams in the right place.

Whatever I try doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone help please?

Guess what…this one’s kinda cool. :smiley: Great start and nice design. You should turn on autosmooth on the engines.