Guess what... another tree-WIP

I have changed to L-system script now. But since I couldn’t get the tree of my dream in one shot I just merge two of them.

I also added a lot of grass from RipSting grass generator (cool dude!) and render a WIP view.



Holy Smoley - that’s about the most warm, friendly, and realistic Blender pic I’ve seen this year.

The grass is stunning, you make it seem as if there is much more than there really is… The leaves interact with the light in such a realistic manner…

Man, I can’t find the proper words to show how amazed I am at this truly peaceful, serene, artistic piece. Kudos.

Thanks for showing us your work.


reall nice dude,… might want to add some curves in the grass etc,… but a really nice start

One word:


Keep this line up


Very nice!
Stats please…
Poly count,

Very nice! I love the L-system script and RipSting’s grass generator. Any chance you could rerender using the subdivided fake GI sphere. I think that with that technique your render would look absolutely real.

Great job.

Hey thanx for the comments folks !

I used the GI stuff in a couple of previews (didn’t post them) but I didn’t think it would fit for this. It’s too much for my slow coffe-maker and animating that would take a week or so to render.

Maybe for the final version I could take some “patience pills” and render it with GI (yes, the result is worthy).



Excellent tree, my favorite so far.


Very nice. You know what would be nice? a mountain for background…I love mountains btw :slight_smile:

PS:where can I get that grass generator?

Could it be possible for you to explain how you did the tree?
I’ve heard about a technique few monthes ago that was using dupliverts on invisible hemispheres, but I’m not sure that is what you use. Please explain us a bit. That would be very nice from you.

PS:where can I get that grass generator?

Me too.

Also–It looks like you created the leaves with the particle generator by linking a leaf mesh. It looks like it to me anyway.

I have tried this in the past and I couldn’t get the damping right to keep the leaves confined to a recognizable “tree” shape. There were always rebellious particles flying around where they shouldn’t have been. :slight_smile:

Did you use separate branches and trunk objects as the emitters?

Awesome pic.

that could pass for a photo.
excellent work man.

On 2002-03-26 07:47, Cativo wrote:
Very nice. You know what would be nice? a mountain for background…I love mountains btw :slight_smile:

PS:where can I get that grass generator?

Yes, mountains would be absolutely terrific. I´m planning adding them in the future.

About the RipSting´s Grass generator, it was available in the Resource pages from, I guess there are a few mirrors out there (I don´t recall any right now). There should be a RipSting site somewhere too).

The leaves were generated by the L-System script from Armagan Yavuz at No duplivert, no invisible spheres.

If I get it right, I would love to write a tut on how to do it. But it´s still WIP.

Thanks all you guys for your kind comments.


Thi’s the best until now.
Nice Work! :wink: