Guess who's back!

ME! Not that it’s a big deal or anything :slight_smile: Mainly just wanted to let everyone know I went on a major leave from the forums due to CellZenith (which is coming out Sept. 30th :slight_smile: ) and the birth of my son. Kids are a lot of work.

Anyway, I won’t be on as much as I used to be, but I’m back!

ALSO, sorry for letting the Game Content Contest sort of die. I will start that back up once I know I can devote more time to it (and if I can find some people to help in case something happens again and I can’t keep up with it)

Well at least be happy to know your forum’s Dragon is still around.

I can see kids being a lot of work, what’s the expense in diapers?

Hey man, Congrats on the Game and the Son. BTW: I took over the Game Content Contest while you were gone. There is one running right now. We have been adjusting the rules based on feedback from the last couple of threads. If you want the contest back, it is yours for the taking.


Well he needs changing about once every 2 to 3 hours. I don’t really know because we are still running on what was given as a gift :slight_smile: Formula is the killer about 10 bucks a day. I’m just glad he isn’t allergic to it, I know a guy that had to buy this expensive crap that cost him 25 a day! The only thing that I miss is sleep… It’s all worth it though, once you have a kid, you’ll understand.

Yes, kids are a lot of work and expensive, but they are worth it (most of the time) ;). One of my two needed the most expensive formula you can buy, lucky me.

Hey Congratulations on the boy - no doubt you have many presents in blue from friends and family. Welcome back!

Thanks Matt and kbot. I missed the forums! Also, I haven’t really done ANYTHING in Blender for the past few months, it’s been nothing but programming and photoshop for me (CZ is mostly 2D hehe). I whipped something up today and I am creating a thread for it now :slight_smile:

Congrats with the kid!

/Nathan ‘jesterDad’ Letwory