Guggenheim Museum Foyer

Guggenheim Museum Foyer in New York. Made following the Architecture Academy by Andrew Price.

Looks good, but the whole point of a tutorial is NOT to make the exact thing, is to teach you, and give you tips and tricks, even workflows to do a type of things.
I understand you want to try it out, but it seems to me a lot that you are stuck in “tutorial land” go further, use the things you learned from the architecture academy and use them to build your own project.
Again, it looks really good, but is an exact replica of what Andrew did.
I really wanna see what you will do with you own project.
Andrew pointed a bunch of architectural blogs and websites, go there, find a house you like and build it! :slight_smile:

Cheers mate, I plan to do just that, however, for the moment I’m still getting my head around blender.