Gugi and Arnold - pitch extract

​Hello everyone, I want to share with you a few shots from a pitch for a series that I’ve been developing called “Gugi and Arnold”. The pitch is the first 1.5 minutes from a 6 minutes pilot, currently dubbed in German with English subtitles. I’m still not releasing the whole pitch since I’m still looking for funding options.
More about the show can be found at

Everything was done in Blender as well as most of the textures. For some of the shaders I’ve used the CMV package with some extra dirt textures added to it.
The following background props were taken from blendswap:
Beer bottle, Cardboard Box, light switch, shoes (modified), water bottle.
follow their links for credit and download. I will also upload the rest of the props I’ve created later on to blendswap.
The music was taken from sputnik Hi Fi.

I’ve had a chance in this project also to do some experiments like combining physic simulation with rigging for the coffee pot hanging from the backpack, and also adding an “automated breath” using the graph editor noise modifier. I will also share a shot overview later on, which explain the workflow.