GUI does not save when saving user settings

In 2.66 whenever I change any panel sizes or add in new panels it just reverts to the default layout when I load the start up file. In 2.65 the GUI would save with no problems. I’m wondering if this is a bug with 2.66 or is it just my computer?

Hi Mistah Figgz, saving of user preferences has changed in 2.66. There is a little section in the release notes on (see "Split User Preferences and Startup File). Hope that helps.
Under “Split user preferences and startup file”

Being very new to Blender (as this question illustrates) and having only begun trying to teach myself starting in 2.65, I was surprised to see all of the customizations, Addons, etc., that I had made to the 2.65 install over the past 6 weeks were gone after installing from the Windows 64-bit Installer. Is this normal? And if so, is it possible to create a user Addon list / preferences file that don’t get overwritten with every update? Some applications (like Firefox) calls such files Profiles.

If Profiles aren’t supported can the user overtly save the necessary (whichever ones they happen to be) addons, files, etc. and then copy them into their respective new folders after the update has been installed?

Thanks very much.


Oh, oops. I guess I accidentally skipped over that when I was reading through the release notes.

Thanks for pointing it out.

As Blender evolves, some addons get included into official bundle. If you find some addons missing, you can copy them from older version to new one (see list of addon locations for different OSs here, only substitute 2.5x with actual Blender version).

Keep in mind though that sometimes when new Blender version is released, it may contain changes that would break some addons. If you find your addon not working properly, check if new version was released to catch up with Blender changes.

Thanks Stan. So I guess from your answer that the user needs to copy the scripts folder and all of its contents (addons, presets, etc.) from the parent directory of the earlier version; e.g., 2.65, and place them under the new install; e.g., 2.66?

It is understood that some addons could very well not work in the newer install.

Thanks again for the reply.


Not the parent directory. On modern Windows it’s C:\Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender<version>\scripts\addons. But yes for the rest :slight_smile:

It is understood that some addons could very well not work in the newer install.

Correct :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the reply.

You are welcome.

You obviously skipped over the option in the splash screen that let you copy over your previous settings when you first opened blender 2.66

The Preferences behavior is inconsistent; i.e., using Ctrl+U still works, but File, Save Startup File does not work.

That’s why it’s useful to know the “hard way” :slight_smile:

Richard - good observation / deduction, and yep, I guess I did miss that :wink: