GUI Examples

I’ve been having trouble with getting a standard string object working.

Here’s what i’m using to create it:

mesh_name = Blender.Draw.Create("")
mesh_name = Blender.Draw.String(mesh_name.val,EVT_MESH_NAME,x+0,y+0,180,20,"",50,".")

It somewhat trips when you enter in text, then enter it again, it won’t delete or access any of the old text.

The only way i’ve seen is by catching key events in the ‘event()’ handler, but I need to have multiple inputs.

Oh, i’m not trying to do popup versions.

Also a good example of combo list boxes please!

it seems I put the value in the name argument…

mesh_name = Blender.Draw.String("",EVT_MESH_NAME,x+200,y+170,180,20,mesh_name.val,50,".")