GUI module and GUI.fileselector()

(Manuel) #1

I’ve a notice that this is old features in the
Blender210 module, not supported in the future release of Blender API.

But if I write a little script in the 2.23:

import Blender
import GUI
print GUI

I’ve a notice that GUI module still exist:

<module ‘GUI’ (built-in)>

and the same fileselector() function.

The GUI module will be used in the next API release??

(scorpius) #2

I hope so, because my Radiosity Import Export Suite relies on it. Another option would be to use TK’s file selector, but I can’t get it to work properly.

(theeth) #3

Or, you can make your own file selector with the os module and its getcwd and listdir functions. Then, all you have to do is build a list box with the directory and folders, and then browse accordingly.