GUI problems

(Turrin) #1

Hey all,
I’m running Blender on a WIN98 machine with a Voodoo3 3000. I’m running into the problem that when I render a larger picture, 800x600 and larger, after closing the render window, Blenders buttons go crazy. They half-disapear and over lap with any new buttons brought about by switching windows. After about 30 sec of this, Blender reports a GUI error and closes.

Anyone have this/know how to fix it?


(acasto) #2

It sounds like a problem in the drivers, it’s would probably be best to look for latest driver (isn’t that company out though) and check openGL. When it renders it opens a new window, so when it switches control back to the main blender, it might not be working right with the opengl blender uses. I had a similar problem on linux, it would work fine until i rendered, then when I hit esc to close the render window, it closed. Updating the graphics and opengl support fixed it for me.