do you know any good GUI tutorials?
i tried looking at scripts but i cant get it to work
and i have not found any good tutorials on google

If you can’t get those to work you probably won’t get your script to work.

I’ve never seen any tutorials either, I just look at other people’s scripts. There are also two GUI-creating wizards available. I would try either of these to build a basic GUI, and then you can go look at the code they generate to get a better understanding of what goes on.

The first, my own, only runs on windows but is very easy to use. It also has some advanced functions like image handling, and toggle button grouping.

The second is The_Nerd’s. It runs right in Blender and is platform independant. There are a couple drawbacks in terms of the limitations of what kind of development environment you can have in python itself, but the functionality is there.

nice designer, but i think u need to allow you to set the variable name away from textbox 1 2 and/or 3… and also i noticed that the designer works puts the ui a lot farther up than on the other one.

For example, i put somethin in the upper right corner for design, and it puts the whole design in that corner, but it does not work very good… it puts the number over 800 in the upper corner, when it should not be more than 400.