guides for scripting blender

I have been reading up on and trying to learn Python/programming, and I was wondering if anyone could point me towards some decent Blender scripting tutorials. I have done a couple of searches, but everything I have found is not in-depth enough. Hope somebody can help.


If you are new to python programming in general, it might be a good idea to read some general python tutorials first. On the Python documentation site ( is a link to a beginners guide (and a whole lot more).

And although there are no in depth tutorials for Blender scripting (as far as I know) there are some good starting points on specific subjects once you have some Python knowlegde, e.g. contains a lot of samples on how to code material nodes, and the text editor within Blender has a menu File->Script Templates with several starting points.

Edit: just after I wrote this item, I saw this link flashing by on BlenderNation:
That’s a crash course in Blender Python. I did not read it thru, but it sure might be usefull)

What type of scripting? Are you trying to learn it for the game engine or just for Blender, like a tree generator kind of script? If you are looking at the game engine scripting, then there should be some pretty good tutorials out there, and the game engine documentation was also pretty helpful. If you want to learn the other type of scripting, I still have not really found a good tutorial, but the little examples at the top of the Blender documentation pages are helpful…

Blender documentation:
Blender game engine documentation:

Sorry about the lack of specific tutorials! I have not found too many on blender python, but there are a lot on BGE, so those should be pretty easy! Maybe someone else can post the tutorials that they learned from…

One place where you can find the Blender Python API documentation is here.

Also, google is your friend, try “beginning python blender” for a load of potential hits.

Good luck and have fun, but be aware that much of the API will likely change when Blender 2.5 is released. Maybe just get used to the language for now. :wink:

Edit: Just found the thread I was thinking of… Loads of links here.

Also, Byte of Python is good for learning the syntax and capabilities of the language.