Guitar 2nd render

Still blender 2.62 and gimp 2.6

C&C are welcome,



Well, after seeing this… my guitar looks like crap…
I don’t think I want to post it anymore… :frowning:

But I really like yours. It looks really good! Especially with the different colored lights, it makes the mood more fun! Awesome! :smiley:

Thank you!!

Well I m sure that yours looks alright too :slight_smile: i’d like to see your work !

Nice start, but it does need some work. Maybe add a bevel to the edge of the guitar body, no guitar had a hard edge like that. Also, if you don’t play you might not know this, but the pick guard is there to protect the finish of the wood (that is why classical guitars do not have them). So add a pick guard. Most importantly you need a 1/4" output jack, somewhere to plug it in. You also left out the toggle switch for switching between the pickups. Some have two switches for altering the phase of the coils. When the wood runs vertically along the guitar body, it is often a mirror image left/right. This is how guitar makers produce some guitars. They slice the wood, flip it and mirror the grain. There is also no strap clips. How am I going to hold it?

Keep up the good work!

Thanks alot for your help!
I agree with you about some details you’ve mentioned, but it was after postprod SO I definitely will upgrade it ! i’ll have to check reference image for the pick guard.
But thank’s for noticing , that helps alot to be a little bit more perferctionist, i finish a project for once :stuck_out_tongue:

(sry for my bad english ^^)