Guitar and amplifier - Cycles

Time for some product visualization. Made just for fun and the practice.
Not much to say, its modeled of references of real Ibanez products. Since I didn’t find any good references of the guitar and amplifier together Im not sure how close/correct they are scaled compared to each other. I took some artistic freedom and mixed some components from different guitars so I don’t think there is a such a guitar, its all from different Ibanez guitars though.
Rendered with Cycles.
Im not a musician so I have probably missed some details or done some other mistakes. Still… Im happy with the result.

I think it looks great but just a couple simple critiques if you’re interested: The fretboard is too shiny and not all the knobs on the amp should point the same direction. Other than that I think it looks awesome! Great job on the guitar body material.

It looks to be pretty solid. The only thing I noticed from a musicians standpoint, is that the cable is a bit thin. Good guitar cables have multiple layers of braided copper shielding, and thick insulation, making them fairly thick. Also they sometimes have a shrink wrap sleeve near the ends to keep oxygen out, which could make a cool spot of color.

I wish I could render like that. It’s so realistic.

Some critics if you want…
I agree with Modron. The cable looks too thin. I also agree with the fret board. On the guitar stand, the neck holding part looks so tight and bottom bracket(?) is so thin and without any sleeves or cushion so it could damage your beautiful guitar.

And again it looks beautiful. Nice work.

Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate your feedback (all of you), like I said Im not a musician so I don’t notice these details unless somebody point them out and Im always interested in learning so again thank you. Maybe I will make some changes and post an update.

I don’t think fretboard finishes are ever that reflective. I think you should tone it down by about 50%.