Guitar Katana

Hello everyone, I was wondering what do I do to improve in my scene … All comments are welcome … :smiley:

The guitar is flat. Make it thicker.
Reduce the lighting a bit. There is way too much glare.
Add more stuff to the scene. It kind of boring with just the guitar.
all I can really think of. It looks really nice. :slight_smile:

The guitar is not really much tgo flat (had one of these myself), but the neck looks odd? Also The Table looks odd - there is no “real” shadow on the ground? And it looks a bit strange: the window seems to go down to the floor (like a balcony door, without balcony).

I agree with McThingy, you could detail the scene a bit, reduce the glare.

Noted guys! I’ll reduce glare, and put a “feet” to the table. What can I improve in the window? And would like to know if you have any ideas to add objects to the scene …

As for the window, it looks far too close to the ground, I would move it up to about the height of the table. The window itself could use some drapes, or perhaps if you were wanting to expand on that, you could prop one open and let some breeze into the room. I agree with McThingy, the scene needs some more population. You can probably start with some shelves or cabinets against the back wall, an amp in the corner, CDs and some speakers on the table…etc. These are just some ideas I had.

The tablecloth look inflated on the side or as if there was air flowing under the table, it’s rounded.

update :