Guitar : Les Paul

I’m working in this scene.I wanna put an amplificator and a pedal.
Les Paul Guitar
Please take a look,find errors and tell me your opinion!

You have to sign in to view it. :expressionless: Please try a different host so we can view the image. :slight_smile:

Try photobucket… they are great

Sorry,I didn’t know.Which host do you think it’s better?

Thank you!

Thank you Prince!
Try to see again.
Les Paul

Excellent. Looks like one of their new models. How about some closeups of headstock, bridge, and pickups?

I’ll think about it RetroJ, because now I have to do the pedal and the amplificator.


Really nice job! /me loves Les Pauls…

Look now at the amp and the pedal (both are in progress)
I want to put it all together to make a best picture.

I finished the pedal!