im new to modeling and i really would like to make a guitar. i made one… (its in finished projects.its really crappy)… does any1 know a good tutorial or can some one help me? please

Many thanks Lilgrudgeboy

If you have a guitar a good way of doing it is taking photos of the top of it and the side. Then bring them into blender using the view-background in the 3d windows header so you can model over it and use it as a guide. When I made my guitar I did this. I started from the top view and made the outline of the guitar and then brought it down. If you need more suggestions just let me know. Maybe PM me cause i dont always remember to check back.

i dont have a guitar…i want one… and i dont have a camra…=(

use the google search for images on guitars,
then use the techniques described above
this is the best way to model if at all possible
with front and side view images
and maybe a top view as well

ok thank u

Im having a hard Finding a side view of a Gibson SG…

thank u