Gumroad refusing to use paypal and asking me for my debit info

I have paid with paypal many times on gumroad.
Today when I tried to purchace on gumroad it would not accept my paymnet with paypal even though I just used it to pay for something else. Then it wants me to give my debit info.
Something is not right. Gumroad should not refuse to use paypal and ask for debit card information.

I just received an email from gumroad about this, it may be that they are fixing things as we speak.

Another option is to buy one of those reloadable debit cards that you find near the supermarket checkout lanes. You put the necessary amount of money onto it – paying a small fee – and you give them that card number, which you use for no other purpose. Then, you make sure to add money to the card shortly before the merchant will charge it the next time. In this way, you avoid “exposing” large amounts of money to potential fraud.

PayPal® is still one of the best operators out there, in terms of fraud prevention. Anyone should be willing to accept it. You can also once again have “more than one PayPal account.”

I have had problems with paypal also. But on a different merchant. it was with, the store that sells gliga violins. And also