Gun in game engine

Hello, I’m working on a third person shooter. I have a character rigged with mixamo with controls and walk cycles. When i parent a gun to the hand bone it will only play the idle animation. The walk cycle animation no longer plays. How do i fix this?

hmm, never had that problem, but i always parent an empty to the hand bone and use that empty to parent the gun to.
Maybe you should try that.

to resolve that problem, i ahve see the same bug on my fps template, you can change layer on action logic brick, exemply:

for walk animation put layer 0 and for fun fire put layer 1 and if it doesnt work try priority too.

for me it resolve the problem

I’ve tried using an empty it does the same thing. Anything I parent to hand bone eliminates the animation. I have all the animation on different layers. Only way I could get it to switch smoothly. I tried to attach the blend file but it didn’t work.

I’ve tried with an empty it does the same thing. The layering doesn’t work either.

Can’t seem to attach blend file.

I figured it out. Kengi it was layers on all animations. For some reason without the gun parented to armature the higher the layer the higher the priority. But when you parent the gun, The lower the layer number the higher the priority.