Gun modeler?

Hey, I’m looking for a person to model my guns! I’m thinking unrealistic sci-fi ish guns. Think Borderlands, but different. First one I want is a pistol. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

check out blendswap, they should have plenty of gun models, otherwise why not model one yourself? i mean the first few tries might look very average but the more you do it the better you’ll get.
Plus if you never model your own weapons, you’ll always have to ask someone else to do it for you which is never a good start.

Dive into weapon modelling as soon as possible, it will make you a better modeler in general and will allow you to make the rest of your game environment look great as well!

Believe me, I’m working on gun modeling. I’m just not good enough yet to make one that looks… like a gun. Thanks for the tip about blendswap, though.

I do not think it is a big deal to create a “Start Track”-like weapon. Start with the default cube. Extrude some faces. Should be done in 10 minutes (polishing will take some hours ;)).

Start Track? :spin: What does that mean?

sorry Star Trek :slight_smile:

I see. Interesting.

EDIT: I see now was a little misleading when I said sci-fi. I just always thought of the guns from Borderlands as sci-fi ish. But something like the things that come out of Borderlands with a bit more realism added. And waaaaaayyyyyy different texturing. My game is NOT using cel-shading.