Gun pickup

I have the camera as the character and a gun hovering and spinning. How do i make the man(camera) pick up the gun i.e make him parent to the gun when he touches it?

Hi Clone dadd I have made a small example how to pick items up with the camera ect… I have uplaoded it. Here is the link and studt it to learn it :wink:
It might be a long way how I did the example But I was bored I Needed to find a way to pass the time lol Well I hope this Example helps you out here is the link to it :

Whe you get to the site just scroll down and click on free and go down again and you should be waiting 20 secconds to downlaod the file lol i bet you knew that already but { Just bored }

thanks, but is there a shorter / easier way to do this?

Yes there is a shorter and easier way to do this :slight_smile: But now That I am back from school I will explain you can also do this by pythons. I will do another example for you an easier one :wink: I will uplaod it later and post a link.