Gun Shoot Sound

Hey, is there a way to make so if i have a sound of a gunshot.
And when i hold down the mouse button that sound will rapidly play, but not replace the first sound, instead play more sounds on top of each others.

So the sound actlu plays to the End, but stil more sounds starts above that sound.

Instead of
A. have to wait until the first sound is done
B. Play the sound for like o.2 sec and then replace it with the new one.

Ty in advance! :smiley:

Well for starters there’s the sound actuator :wink:

As for the delay, I’ve learned that there are several ways to do this. My suggestion is to set a timer property to 0 when you shoot. Any timer property goes up by 1 every second. Then when the player shoots, you check if the timer property is less than 0.2 or however long you want shooting to take (note, you should make the initial value of the timer property at 0.2). That way he can only shoot every 0.2 seconds. Hope this helped.

The way I do it is by having the sound actuator attached to the bullets that spawn. granted you are actually spawning bullets. If you do it that way then they are separate actuators and will not interrupt each other.