Gun Shot Cycle (round)

Hello !

I’ve modeled a revolver and as in revolvers we have got cylinder for bullets, trigger and the spigot (all in blend file).

The problem:

When you pull the trigger the whole mechanism works to give a shot -rotates the cylinder and moves the spigot back untill trigger is fully pulled and the spigot hits the bullet primer (detonator) -that is one cycle of the shot.

  1. You can pull the trigger for some degress, as well as the spigot and in the same time the cylinder rotates for some degrees.
    I had limited the rotations by using Limit Rotation constraint - thats finished
  2. I want the trigger to be connected with the rest pieces -so when I pull triger whole mechanim will work.

For now I just animated every object but that is not my purpose to animate every little thing I need.

I need to make cylinder and spigot to be depend on the trigger.
Could someone help ?

You just need to learn drivers. here is a quick one to look at. Just adjust the curve on the hammer action as needed.
I hope this is what you are looking for

This may work.
Now time for analysis … :slight_smile:
Thank you !