gun shot in blender game

is there a way that you can shoot a gun and have the sound of the gun shot play only when its shot?

Just make a python conditional ‘if-else’, if a variable(ex: ‘gunshot’) is True, play the gun shot sound, if that is only what you want, you don’t even need to write the ‘else’ part of the ‘if-else’ statement. The variable gunshot would only become True at the moment of the shot, as soon as the sound was started you would need to make the gunshot variable False again.

Depending on how you want the sound of the shot to behave, if a previous shot sound should stop before the next for example, you will need just a little more code.

You could use the Sound actuator and connect it to the button you use for shooting.

yea i had figured that out i didn’t realize it until i tried it lol