Gun Textures

Hey, I always see people with these great gun textures. When i follow tutorials they say ‘use your preferred metal texture’, however i can never find textures that look like they belong on a gun. Does anyone know where to get realistic metal textures, or how to combine a few to make one good one?

Do you have any programs like gimp or photoshop?
These (to me) are the only way to texture a model, as the texture has to fit the model.

If you can’t find any good metal textures then you can make brushed metal on blender by using clouds and having it stretched in one direction. Or for a different type of metal try using images of wood grain turned into black and white. (works amazingly well…)

If you’re still looking for reasonable metal textures after that you can import the closest style metal that you can find and adjust brightness and contrast.

Google also helps too

Ok, I have been using google images, and editing with gimp. Its just i can never get the look thats others can achieve. I guess that’s practice right?

Probably. If this gun you’re making is a modern handgun the metal should be dark, it seems to look better that way. (on gimp try colors, brightness and contrast, but you probably knew that)
Also try finding a side view of a real gun the same (or similar) to the one you’re making. Then you can map it’s textures to the model.
The final thing to check in blender is the specularity and reflectivity. Having too much specularity can ruin a model.

It is a modern rifle.
Here is a link to a tutorial about texturing.
If you look at some of the pictures you can see the type of metal i wish to achieve.
While my textures always look like this.

the ones on google don’t look anything like the ones on the tutorial.
I guess it’s just practise.

They typically hand paint them using grunge brushes, blurs and mixing.

Everything done here can also be done in GIMP. Personally, what I found to works better is a combinations of layers using “difference”, then taking a scratch metal and running threshold (turn it black and white), cut that to a custom brush and stamp it on an alpha mask of a duplicate layer of the base metal that is colorized.

OK, so would you recommend making my own textures from scratch or combining others to make new ones?

I recommend hand painting them, but use photo references to make the grunge brushes, or just download some.
Here are some great tutorials for you to have a look at: