Gun/Weapon Model Tutorials

Hello everybody,

Are there any good tutorials out there on gun/weapon tutorials? All I can find is poor quality tutorials done by amateurs or kids (who, even if they are talented, it’s a little difficult for me to take seriously, with all due respect). I prefer tutorials that go step by step through the specifics of what need to be done and tell you why/how to do something. I found out during the short time I’ve been modeling, that I like specific tutorials, those that don’t just tell you to “figure it out”. It’s been somewhat frustrating trying to find something. There’s GOT to be something out there.

Sorry if I sound cynical, I just want a good reliable tutorial. I’m new and could benefit from any well taught tutorials rather than those that teach how to form bad habits.

Thanks for your help!

Have you seen the M4 tutorial series on Blender Cookie? It’s a citizen series, but it’s well worth the money if that’s what you’re looking for.

I have, and I was hoping to find free tutorials. But I may end up paying for all of that if the tutorials on there are worth it.

I think they are. The final product is excellent. Behind the scenes: I submitted the reference photos he uses from about part 4 or 5 onward to the end!

That was my 15 minutes of Blender fame, so I gotta shout it out when I get the chance… :0)

I have to agree with afdave14. Most Blender Cookie tutorials are great. Well worth the money. With the Citizen subscription you also get access to all of the “Cookies”. Besides Blender Cookie, I find the Concept Cookie really useful.

I downloaded the M4 tutorial and it was really good. The CG Cookie site membership is definitely worth the money, especially considering that you can download as many of the citizen and non-citizen tutorials and source files as you want.