Gundam Models? for a novice!

I’m an extreme novice…have hard times morphing cubes to faces novice…
But I want to take a challenge and attempt to model a gundam. But since I lack the creative mind to think of it myself I require a picture to go off of. Can’t find anything online through all methods I know of…
Anyone know where I can get a picture of a gundam’s face from the front and side view? at a resolution that’s good enough for the purposes I am looking for?

Have fun!

Those that wccrawford posted are low res so I made higher res versions of them, if that helps.

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Awesome! Thanks guys!

Thanks for the image. I had a bit difficulty aligning the left view with front and some of the lines are not meshing well. But here’s what I got after about an hour of tinkering!
I am completely new to this! Criticism is requested here!!