Gunner's BattleGrounds (Discord)

Hi,I am making a the second part of the Game Of Parkour.


Nice i like the title, but i believe a sequel can redeem this game so much better it’ll be the next Great BGE Game if u take it in the right direction.:sunglasses:
(The Game’s title is a good start)


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Yes,I think I want to make prologue too.

New HUD:

Trying to get result like CS:GO HUD

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trying to to check the fps

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Actually the gameplay is like this:

You will walk around the map and find the orange cube.Shoot it and you will get score.You also will find traps like lasers,spike and many more.Dodge it!

do you have a low end system or do you have flaws in the programming part? 22 fps is very low for this.

low end system

Adding CA to settings and new props

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ah ok, that explains it :slight_smile:

uhm? counter attack? or creature attack? or what you mean with this?

oh wait you meant the chrome filter? xD

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chromatic abberation


Now I get 60FPS

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Adding some props

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Fixed the pickup truck

Great News!:

The pickup truck are also destroyable.It will gives you 10 points but you need to shoot them two times


come create your wiki page on your game

New update:

Arena selection

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just want to fill a slot


Great Progress man ive been enjoying every step of yr work keep it up buddy.