Gus' Bones are misbehaving

I’m following the tutorial making Gus walk, but the bones don’t act as they should. The tut seems to say that a second bone will pop up at the end of a first bone, to make a chain, but I can’t seem to get this to happen…something simple I’m missing, of course, maybe a version difference…

I get all the bones in place , named and skinned, but then when I try to move them they’re all over the place, and and unconnected to each other. They do not act remotely the way I thought they should.

When I added the bones one by one in the tut it didn’t go exactly as the tut said it would:

“Stay in EditMode, move the cursor where the hip joint will be and add a new bone (SPACE>>ADD>>Armature) down to the knee. Press LMB a new bone automatically is there. Stretch this down to the foot”

The new bone was not automatically there. From then on I think Gus was in trouble…

What’s different here?

i recently did it too and I pressed E key to get it to work

Good luck

In the old systems 2.37and earlier, bones just kept appearing until you pressed ESC. In 2.4, only one bone is added. You add more connected bones either by extruding (Ekey) or by Ctrl-LMB (like adding verts to a curve). Separate bones are still added by pressing the space bar while the armature is in Edit mode.