gus cant keep a straight face

did anyone notice the manual skipped joining gus’s
eyes ,mouth and buttons to their separate face …
eyes,mouth to head,buttons to body

before joining the head to the body

else they move when in pose mode ?

i tried to selectively join them later…their center of referance was gone
and since i merged the vertice sto eliminate the seam parting the mesh wasnt possible

is there any way to add messhes to specific faces to be joined or do i need to redo the messhes?

You can use Vertex Parent; select the button and Shft-select Gus then Tab into edit mode. Shft-Select 3 verts and Ctrl-P >> Make Vertex Parent?.


thanks fligh%

is the key selecting 3 vertices?
ill have to pratice that technique

i just redid his whole head…

i finally got my gingerbreadman rigged
the manual skips some sections like joining the eyes and mouth to the head

im working on figuring how to allow users to download blend files from my site

is the key selecting 3 vertices?

Imagine a single, normal vector going from the selected verts to the child obj. If the parent is only 1 vert then the child is attatched and transforms like a duck on a wave; up and down. If you use 2 verts it behaves like a plank; first one end goes up, then as the other end goes up the first goes down again. Use 3 and it’s like a catamaran sailboat with a nice, wide footprint; the mast (vector) doesn’t just go up and down, back and forth, but ‘writes’ a good 3D facsimile of what the parent surface is doing.
So far I’ve explained, and you’ve imagined the selected verts as being contiguous neighbours but that’s not necessary. They can be anywhere on the mesh. But, of course, you want to place them where they best describe the movement you want the child to inherit.


do you mean ,in this case
the eyes-child object
follow the movements of the head or parent object
creating the illusion of being a single cohesive entity
by parenting 3 vertices

in this case

No, this is too simple a case, it’s for future ref, just general understanding of what’s involved. I’ll make a .blend and post it later.