Guts & Candy (Halloween 2013 Contest WIP)

My Idea for the Contest is a Cartoonish Fantasy Scene with Zombies. I will built a corner Store, which is called Guts & Candy. The shop offers sweet things like Chocolate Brain (Human Brain covered with chocolate), candy guts (guts with sugar icing) and other sweet things.
The Camera angle/position might change to get a better view on the goodies. There will be also a handful zombies around the store which are acting stupid, trying to get inside the store (crushing head against the window for example).
So this is the basic shape of the Corner Store and some Zombie Placeholder Characters.
Currently it’s a day scene in Blender internal to get faster a clean Previews. I think i will switch to Cycles and a Night Scene once i am happy with the details.

This will be a fun entry, I’ll look forward to watching it grow. That’s a lot of zombie characters to model. I think you do have to find a way to show some of the “unique” goods this store sells to bring the whole concept together.

Cool idea. But don’t forget, the contest is about characters first and foremost! So, just saying, don’t forget to give sufficient attention to the zombie dudes/dudettes - if you spend 90% of the time on the store, it’ll still be a hard sell to claim that that’s the character :wink:

That said, this idea is very cool and quite unique, given the other entries. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final result :slight_smile: