Guts, The black Swordman [Berserk]

Hi, I’ve been lurking on this forum for quite a while but this time i’ll actually post something!

After spending the last 2 years modelling low-poly characters for my job I decided to start a more ambitious project:
Modelling Guts, the main character from Kentaro Miura’s manga, Berserk.
It’s still heavily WiP but I’d like some feedback.

What I’ll do next:
I’ll redo the pants as I’m really unhappy with how they look.
Sculpting and texturing the face and arm.


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Wow, cool model and a rock solid start!

Pretty cool, but his legs are too short.

I agree the legs are short compared to his height portayed on the series.

Because he’s Elijah Wood

Thanks for the advice, I completely agree!
I had a hard time mixing realistic and manga proportions. I won’t have much time to work on it until next week but i tried to quickly tweak it.

What do you think?

Very nice!
I see some things that you may like to improve.
In the head: the forehead has a huge temporal line, I think you can make it more subtle. Also the mouth area is a little flat, remember how the bone is there, like a cylinder.
For the arms, some definition of the muscles will make a huge difference.
For the pose, study the silhouette, in cycles you can make a preview material all black, just to study the silhouette.
Keep going! You are doing great!

I don’t see any difference between the new version and the original- you have no real choice but to go back and fix his legs.

forget the too long legs or too short, the silhouette is going to tell you. just go fully black, and you will see

Hi, Sorry for the lack of updates but i didn’t have much time too work on this project this last few weeks.

Here is a quick render of this week’s progress:

-Reworked the armor plates covering the thighs
-A basic rig, no custom controllers for belts, armor pieces, bags, etc yet so still a lot of bad deformations/clipping.
-Sculpting and texturing.
-Hair and eyebrows

I found some official modelsheet and 3d model to adjust his proportions so i hope this won’t be an issue anymore!

Some progress on his repeating crossbow.

It can unfold and attach on his left arm.