Gym models

This is a project for my work which is modelling gym equipment to go on a web site to offer a virtual tour of a fitness suite for a leisure centre. I have 25 items to model! Here is the first one let me know what you think. Work still needs to be done on the materials. I’m trying to get a balance between details and looks as I need to model these as soon as possible!
Please check out my fireworks thread too! I work on that at home!
Thanks for looking!


looking at it, i cant immediately discern how it works or what it does. there are too many sharp angles, exercise equipment seems to usually be made from smooth metal tubing, and where they are welded together is smooth. your cushion looks nice though.

wouldnt it just be easier to take pictures of the exercise equipment/leisure center to show to people? i think it would be cool if you had a top view of the center, like a blueprint of the layout, and just link pictures of the center to certain clickable parts. would be a lot easier than trying to recreate it in 3d.

Those are some good models! What(or if even) did you use for blueprints?

I used these pics.


awesome job man, keep it up

Good job. It looks like the seat and the handlebars should be a bit thicker. Great modeling though, especially without actual blueprint style references. Cool project, too.

Nice progress mate. If u are in a hurry i can give u this mesh i have made some time ago. If u need it just say.

Take care.

Nice models - they look pretty much identical to the rowing machines in my local gym. The seat looks a little flat and squared-off, though, you might want to alter it a bit so it’s a bit more bum-hugging.

I could instantly recognize that as a rowing machine. In fact it appears to be a Nautilus II, a friend of mine who did crew in college actually owns one. The model is as perfect as it needs to be for your purpose, also considering there will be 24 other models I wouldn’t bend over backwards getting every detail perfect. Curious to see the rest of 'em!

@ Frig: Chances are, you need to get to the gym more often…

Thanks for the offer of the bike mesh. Though I don’t think I could have used any of the mesh as the bikes I’m modelling are quite different.
This was a bit of a pain to model-Though learning a lot while I go! I still need to finalise the materials, but let me know if anything is really wrong with it! I think the treadmill is next!


The detail you have modeled into the individual shapes is marvelous. Very realistic. The material looks pretty good as is, too. The only thing that jars is the flat grey panel where the actual equipment has lcd panels. I suppose that will have to be uv mapped. Looking forward to the next one. Must be a pretty well equiped gym, with 25 different machines.

Well I think the basic model is nearly there for this one. Still need work on materials. Let me know if anything looks out of place!!


IIrc, that treadmill has a large roller at the ends of the walking mat, the model looks like the end of the mat is squared off somewhat. It’s been a while, though. I know it had smaller rollers under the mat, but I thought it had one big one at each end.

I see what you mean about the treadmill will try and fix that.
Please let me know what you think of my next item! This took a little longer than I thought it would.


Weight plates need some work. Set smooth, and the red and blue plates appear to be the same size (ie: same weight). Unless they are the concrete and shot filled plastic plates (uck! :stuck_out_tongue: ) Also, check the proportions on the bench, it looks a little too short. I, for one, am looking forward to the walk through.

I can see your point, the problem is the weights look like they have come from toy town! I have nearly finished another model today…so it should be up on monday…wow this is a long project!


It looks as if you have used a subsurfed mesh for the steel frame of the weight-bench. I’d really consider throwing it away and model it again using some other technique. Have a look at Pim de Groot’s mechanical modelling workshop from the conference (it really helped me a lot with these kinds of models). You can also download the video here or watch it on Google video.

And good luck with your project. The early ones are where you learn the most, especially how incredibly long everything takes :slight_smile:

As you can tell I’m not sure what the heck this thing is, but I know it works out the arms!
Thanks for the advice Konard, I liked the video though wasnt too clear to see everything he did. I’m trying to stick more to units. However as I dont have detailed plans of the equipment it can be hard at times.
I used some of the advice in this model i’ve just done. Materials need finishing but let me know if anything is really out of place.
I think probably at the end of this project I will want to redo all my models as I will have learnt so much. Though I’m hoping to be done by mid jan.
Cheers for looking!


Wow youve come along way! Still looking great.

I’ve used the bike model from earlier to create this. I realised that looking back at early models I could now do a lot better!!! Although as I want to finish this project I think I better move on to other models!
Let me know if anything looks out of place and thanks for looking!