A little mindless space play this morning. If anyone is remotely interested it was using the default cube - skin modifier - duplicate and scale x 6. I love transparent and mirrored surfaces using BI but rendering gives you pause when you see the entire CPU running at from 50 to 100%. Mostly hovering around 98%. Morning prayer: ‘Lord let this computer outlast me’.
One other thought. Someone mentioned in another thread that H.264 was jerky and they had gone to Xvid since it gave a seamless / smooth clip. I use H.264 at the default bit rate and it is sure enough jerky sometimes.


Your video says it is private.

Craig now you are confusing a old man. I am viewing the video window right in blenderartist here as well as playing it. You were able to play it I hope? blenderartist opened that window with the URL I provided evidently giving not one wit if it was private or not.

Thank you for the heads up but private is fine if it is playing for the members of this forum. However, we might be into the wonderful world of browsers thing here. I use Internet Explorer 9. If you can not view the video clip please let me know. And, what browser you are using. If that is the case this belongs in another thread probably. Thanks guy

there is a setting on youtube for making videos private for a select set of viewers, maybe that got turned on when you loaded it. Check it out and see if you can make it public so we can see it too. I know about the private setting because some of my friends share in private until they are ready to show